Torrance has a very proactive program for our senior citizens - programs that any city would point to with pride. Torrance can boast of having four active Senior Citizen Centers; Bartlett, Tilliman, Walteria Park and the Recreation Center. Torrance has a Senior Ride Program, Dial-A- Lift. Torrance provides trips to areas and events of local interest via Torrance Travelers. Torrance has a free program in which Senior Citizens can have a variety of home improvement projects performed (e.g. painting, light plumbing, minor repairs, etc.) via the Home Improvement Program (HIP). Of late, our Torrance Fire Department has initiated seminars on “home falls” to reduce the high incidence of these calls to EMS. In addition, our Torrance Police Department periodically undertakes seminars on the “scamming” of Seniors.

I have supported these programs and others that are promoted via our Torrance Commission on Aging - and fully support and advocate continuing and enhancing these programs for our Torrance Seniors.