Cultural Arts

The Torrance Cultural Arts Center is a sparkling jewel, a community resource - and it is much more than a collection of buildings, it is a place where creativity comes alive and magic happens. I love the arts and I love our community, and this Center combines both passions. I am proud to have served two terms as President of the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation - an organization that presents over two dozen shows per year at the James Armstrong and George Nakano Theaters. In this time of diminishing education funding in the Arts, the investment by the City in our “sparkling gem” becomes of utmost importance.

I am proud of my leadership in the recent investments our City has taken to add to the luster of our civic treasure:

- We have invested in new stage and dance flooring in the Armstrong Theater.
- We have invested in new, state-of- the-art lighting and sound in the Armstrong.
- We have invested in sorely needed building repairs in the Armstrong.
- We have installed handrails on the exterior aisles of the Armstrong.
- We have removed the $2.50 box office surcharge for each ticket purchased.
- We have reduced the rental rate for these theaters for “off peak” hours.
- We are moving forward with a shade canopy for the Torino Plaza.
- We are reviewing the installation of rest rooms in the Nakano Theatre.

These are but a few of the investments that Torrance has made on behalf of creating and enhancing enrichment and diversity in our community.